Tuesday, February 1, 2011

jalan2 cari makan...milkadeal

RM30 instead of RM65 for Ice Lemongrass Ginger Tea + Cincau Campur + Papaya Salad + Kampung Fried Rice at IR1968 Indochine Restaurant, Jalan Ampang [54% OFF]
Nestled in a secluded lane just off the hustle bustle of Jalan Ampang, lies a gem of an eatery that’s slowly but surely causing a gastronomical sensation among the KLites from the socialites to the everyday people with its signature dishes.
Regional presence
Serving Indonesian cuisine (with a bit of Chinese influence) since the 1968 at its original IR1968 Indochine Restaurant in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong and later on in Mongkok, Kowloon, IR1968 Restaurant & Bar Malaysia was born in 2010 and has since attracted quite a number of mentions in Malaysia. It was featured in The Haven, The Edge’s pull out magazine in April 2010 while the Hong Kong IR1968 was selected to be part of the Michelin Guide HK Macau 2011.
Do Gado - Gado!
Chomp on their Grilled Ox Tongue, slurp their Oxtail Soup (RM12), Chinese double boiled shark bone soup (RM20) or Wanton Soup (RM15), Asam Fish (RM38), Nutty Asam Chicken (RM22), Fried Yellow Squid (RM38) or their Fried Egg Tofu (RM18) that's a favourite among its loyal patrons.

Look at it as an introductory deal to the magical and magnificently decorated eatery with a difference; even celebrities from the cooking world wants to be part of this magic.

Ask Chef Wan
* Special thank you goes out to Clevermunkey photography
nampak cam best jer kan , sape duk sekitar ampang boleh ler gi jalan2 cari makan...ada diskaun tu...iklan ni ibu ambik kat link ni http://milkadeal.com/deals/RM30-instead-of-RM65-for-ice-lemongrass-ginger-tea-cincau-campur-papaya-salad-nasi-goreng-kampung-at-indochine-restaurant?utm_campaign=nuffnang_cpa_1010771&utm_medium=nn_banner&utm_source=nn_7661581


  1. salam pagi khamis =)

    tak suka la gado3..heheh

    kat terengganu tak ada ni.


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